Combining Dental Procedures for the Perfect Custom Smile Makeover

Combining Dental Procedures for the Perfect Custom Smile Makeover

Did you know that smiling has health benefits? Smiling can boost your immune system, release endorphins, slash cortisol levels, and even help reduce physical pain. Smiling is good for your health, but what happens if you don’t love your smile? 

Maybe your teeth aren’t as bright as you’d like them to be or you’re not thrilled with some crowded teeth. Regardless of what dental issues you have, a custom smile makeover can deliver a brand new smile you’ll love. And the best part? Our team at Dentistry in Paradise in Santa Barbara, California, specializes in smile makeovers.

Creating your custom smile makeover 

A smile makeover consists of multiple cosmetic dental services to help you reach your aesthetic goals. At Dentistry in Paradise, Kevin Miller, DDS, is on a mission to help you create your perfect smile through a combination of treatments or procedures, which may include:

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover the front surfaces of your teeth. Originally invented for actors in the 1920s, veneers continue to provide dazzling white smiles whether you’re on the red carpet or not. 

Veneers can address multiple issues at once. They brighten your smile because they cover even the toughest stains, and they hide chips, cracks, and even small gaps.

Dental crowns

While veneers cover the front surface of your tooth, dental crowns cover the entire visible portion of your tooth above the gumline. Crowns can cover a single tooth and are custom-made to match your natural teeth flawlessly. 

Dental crowns can protect a tooth damaged by severe decay, but they can also enhance the appearance of your tooth, too. Crowns may be a good solution if you’re bothered by a misshapen, badly damaged, or a single permanently stained tooth.

Teeth whitening

At Dentistry in Paradise, we offer professional-grade take-home whitening kits that brighten teeth substantially better than over-the-counter products..

Dental implants 

A missing tooth not only leaves a hole in your smile. It also affects your oral health, reduces your ability to speak clearly, and can make it tough to chew thoroughly. Understandably, all of this can impact your self-esteem. 

Dental implants can address these issues. Dr. Miller surgically implants an anchor post into your jawbone to form a strong and sturdy foundation for a custom-made prosthetic tooth. Dental implants restore the form and function of your mouth while giving you a boost in self-confidence.

Aesthetic dental bonding

Dental bonding is another potential cosmetic dental procedure to consider for your smile makeover. With bonding, Dr. Miller uses a tooth-colored composite resin material to correct any abnormalities in teeth. It’s particularly helpful for fixing chips and cracks. We match the resin to the shade of your tooth enamel so your whole smile looks uniform. 

Perfectly customized, fully streamlined

Every smile makeover is unique, and finding your perfect combination of procedures starts with a one-on-one consultation. Dr. Miller reviews your aesthetic goals and dental needs and also evaluates your oral health.

After reviewing your options, we work together to design a smile makeover that’s right for you.

Your best smile is just a call or click away. Schedule your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Miller at Dentistry in Paradise by calling us at 805-967-0272. You can also request a consultation online anytime. 

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