CEREC Technology

"Dentistry in Paradise is excited to announce that we now offer same day crowns with CEREC technology.  CEREC means Ceramic Reconstruction and was developed over 25 years ago in Zurich, Switzerland.  The program is a complex digital software and milling device that is able to provide high strength and high quality metal-free dental crowns all in one visit. The first step in a CEREC crown is preparing your tooth.  We then take a digital impression of patients teeth, without any of the gooey impression material.  This impression is used by the computer program to design a crown to fit your tooth precisely.  The crown design is then sent to a milling machine that mills the porcelain crown.  And all of this is happening while you are still in the chair reading a magazine or enjoying your favorite Netflix show with wireless headphones on our mounted iPad!  No more temporary crowns or sensitive teeth while you wait for the laboratory to make the crown!

For more information visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C1IoB9zXYw

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Kevin Miller DDS Dentist located in Goleta and Santa Barbara, CA

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